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Cordell City Council Tables Medical Marijuana Ordinance Discussion

Cordell City Council tabled possible changes to an ordinance concerning medical marijuana cultivators and processors prohibited within the city limits. City Administrator J.C. Moser says lots of discussion surrounded the ordinance. The council will consider any changes at its November 4th meeting.

Weatherford - School Board Hears Leadership Program Presentation

The Weatherford School Board of Education heard a presentation this week about a leadership program under consideration for implementation at the high school. High school principal Garrett Smith says officials are trying to decide how to implement such a program. Mike Conn, who made the presentation, says a similar program has been successful at Duncan schools. Conn says he would be willing to help with implementation in Weatherford.

Weatherford - School Board Provided Gym Floor Update

Weatherford Public Schools Superintendent Chad Wilson provided an update to the board of education this week about installation of the new high school gym floor. The gym floor needed replaced after a sump pump malfunctioned causing damage to the floor.

Weatherford - School Board Budget

The Weatherford School Board of Education approved the budget for fiscal year 2019-2020, says district Superintendent Chad Wilson. The budget was established based on the estimate of needs of the district, which was prepared by auditors.

Geary - Buchanan's Elementary Book

A former principal at West Elementary in Weatherford has now written a book for educators and principals. Sean Buchanan is now principal at Geary Elementary and is author of the book "Student Success, It's As Easy As TLC." Buchanan says the system developed in Geary has cut down on behavior referrals to the office. He has been able to speak at other school districts about the success of the process at Geary schools.

Weatherford - Chief Flowers Discusses Social Security Scam

Weatherford Police Chief Louis Flowers says at least a handful of scam-related calls were made to Weatherford citizens claiming their social security number has been compromised. Flowers says the best course of action is to block the number.

Custer County - F.E.M.A. Update

Custer County Emergency Management Director Mike Galloway provided an update to county commissioners this week regarding reimbursement from F.E.M.A. Galloway says this is for reimbursement from damages that occurred from flooding during the time period of May 7 through June 9th.

Clinton - City Council Approves Overlay Project Bids

Clinton City Council approved bids totaling around $278,000 for street overlay projects in the city. The city has budgeted $200,000 for street overlay projects and will use about $78,000 from capital improvements to pay for the work.

State Senator Howard Says Quartz Mountain Work Needed

State Senator Brent Howard says he believes finances still look strong overall for the coming legislative year. Senator Howard says he is hoping to be able to funnel some money to Quartz Mountain in southwest Oklahoma. Senator Howard says it's estimated about $6 million of deferred maintenance and repairs have not occurred at Quartz Mountain over the past 11 years.

Weatherford - Lucas Town Hall

Lots of discussion during a town hall meeting with congressman Frank Lucas in Weatherford over the concept of the potential impeachment of President Trump. Congressman Lucas says while speaker Nancy Pelosi likely has the votes for an impeachment resolution, he believes the process will play out over several months. Congressman Lucas will wrap up town hall meetings with stops at city hall in Elk City at and at the Washita Battlefield in Cheyenne.